Famous designers are not only limited to the fashion industry only

Have you heard about the famous designer Alvar Aalto? Do you know what he designed and what is he famous for or have you already assumed he is one of those who will be launching a new fall collection of clothing and accessorizing items come next winter? Certainly no! Alvar Aalto is one of the best and the most famous designer who designed buildings and not hemlines for your dresses.
It all began for Alvar Aalto in the 20th century when he designed buildings and monuments that have earned him the title of the most famous designer of his times. Alvar Aalto is known as the designer of modernisms who gave birth to a completely new style and concept of architectury and object designing. He is famous for his ideas of modernism in the heart of the 20th century, where he was intent on creating a fusion between the romanticism of Finnish art and textures with the modern ideas and concepts of the upcoming century. His accomplishment at his arts can be seen in the kinds of buildings, glassware and furniture he designed.

Alvar Aalto is without a doubt the best and the most famous designer of the 20th century whose works and designs are valued with the same reverence today in the midst of the 21st century too. The extent of his fame and importance can be derived from such an incident where the Finnish Airlines delayed their on time scheduled flight because Hugo Alvar Aalto was late for the boarding.

No doubt Alvar Aalto enjoyed being one of the famous designers of his time. His works are not limited to the field of architecture only and that is the main reason why he is known as such an all rounder all over the world. A designer famous for the grand ideas he gave to the world when it was badly in need of a few. He was set on modernism and was intent of redefining the way of art and architectury rather than copying and sticking to the more traditional styles and textures as his colleagues. Alvar Aalto, although a Finnish native by birth wanted to play a major role in the renaissance of the whole modern world rather than limiting himself to the confines of Finland only.

According to the art critics, the works of Alvar Aalto spoke for themselves and had some magical kind of quality to them that appealed to the eye without any confusion. They are different from the usual sightings around them and yet not one of those that could not be digested. It is correct to say that Alvar Aalto designed with his heart in it and always ended up creating master pieces to live on for years and carry his and signatory trademark forward even after his demise.

Alvar Aalto is a legend and the name continues to live and revered to until the world will speak of all the famous designers of the times gone and the times to come.

Famous designers and the hype they have become today

People really want to know what happens in the lives of all the famous designers and what compels them to produce sudden and vibrant lines of clothes they term as the new fashion for the season. What gives them the inspiration to come up with new ideas every other month to keep going and bringing new trends into the market without even repeating a single dress or an accessory that was displayed last fall for the upcoming summer season?
You will be amazed at the number of searches made via Google daily that encompass the titles famous designers. How people want to know each and everything they can about them. The famous designers have become the most searched about topics in the fields of fashion and entertainment industry, even more than the celebrities and their lives today. People look for the famous designers on blogs, online forums, and websites and want to know their inspiration for the upcoming seasons. They want the entire news scoop on the fashion industry and the lives of the famous designers.

We see the media, be it the electronic or the print media or the very famous internet creating and nurturing the hype people have created about the famous designers and their line of brands. We have a great many numbers of online websites that give out complete information on the lives and designs of the famous designers, giving them a long following of audience and clientele without even realizing the fact. There are full complete sections devoted to a famous designer individual and their latest collections for a season. Even on television you find a number of satellite channels only promoting designers and their outfits to earn their ratings. The fame and the name of the designers sells without a doubt and people buy their outfits or products in hordes, in a state of mind where they don’t even consider what they are buying and whether it will suit them or not.

No matter which line of fashion the designer belongs to, what they create for the season becomes and stays the only things that will be in fashion until they come up with something new. People accept whatever the designers and their brands give to them without a question. You will never find anybody asking at a Dolce & Gabbana or an Armani Outlet about why the hemlines of the dresses so short or long nor you will ever see somebody questioning the newest outfit of an acquaintance or a friend, regardless of the fact what is it, only if it is branded or by one of the top famous designers in the world.

Famous designers rule the fashion industry today. They are termed as what we call the Gods of fashion in this modern world. Without a doubt the fashion industry will collapse or suffer a greater loss if one or the other of these famous designers decides to pull out and do something else for a change. But would anybody do that ever?

Famous designers and how they rule our lives today

Famous designers have resorted to declaring themselves a brand today. They are no less than celebrities who enjoy each and every second of the lime light that falls on them and no doubt these famous designers earn the respect and prestige that befalls upon them. It is the result of their continuous hard work and effort that has brought them to a standard they are today. But does that mean that we leave everything else and resort to the accepting whatever trades of fashion that spring from the minds and hands of these fashion designers as the only means to look good? Should we feel insecure if we do not have the latest piece of clothing or accessory designed by them? Should fashion only be classified by the thoughts of these famous designers and what they have designed for the season? The answer should be in negation to all the above questions but sadly yes, these famous designers rule and govern our lives today without a question.
It is impossible to explain the extent of the difference that these famous designers and their brand names have made on our lives? How do we feel when we have a Dolce & Gabbana piece of clothing on us or while carrying their accessories? How do you explain your feelings on getting a new Levi’s or a pair of DKNY sweatshirts? What do you say to your friends when they notice you wearing the newest Gucci loafers? All these brand names, famous designers have become a trademark for status in our lives today.

Outrageously expensive clothing and accessorizing items and still people buy them because they have a thought and a notion instilled inside their minds that famous designers create products which will make them look good. It is not just a thought but more of a doctrine that people all over the world believe in today. Be it the west or the east, people are affected alike when it comes to getting themselves brand clothes and accessories.

It’s a thought in mind that they will no doubt look good if they wear the newest Armani or the Givenchy outfit. People practically worship brand names and famous designers when it comes to clothing and accessorizing items today. We have seen teenagers saving out pennies from their pocket money to be able to buy the upcoming designer dress or a pair of jeans themselves. The trend of wearing clothes or getting your selves accessorized by the famous designer products has been more and more hyped since the intervention of media in the field and it seems the fever is here to stay without any chances of it fading away from the society. People want to accept the latest fashion or is it better to say that they are forced to accept what the famous designers thrust upon them in the name of fashion for the season, without even realizing about the fact that an outfit they are spending a great deal on whether it will suit them or not?

Tapeography – The History Continues

Tapeography is the term given by the famous Turkish designer Ersinhan Ercin to his splendid and the new art form. He has created several designs showcasing some of the best features of his art works. The designer in the recent works came up with his splendid tapeography style of art. The artist is already known for his beautiful remarks on the latest innovative designs he publishes. The recent one highly acknowledged and liked by all is the tapeography.

Tapeography is the typography style of art. Designed with the tapes of old cassettes and records, the artist has designed a numbers of texts and alphabets with the help of these tapes. With tapeography, the popularity of the Turkish designer Ersinhan Ercin has increased gradually. The term tapeography is well acknowledged as typography. Typography is something which is highly studied and researched upon by the graphic designers.

Typography or tapeography follows a long history over a period of times. Typography is the art and practice of printing. Typography helped in the evolution of the printed letters. Some of the printers during the early ages were not merely printers but typographers as well. The first typographer belonged to France and was a French man. With the invention of printing press in the sixteenth and the seventeenth century, the importance of typography was reduced. Typography over a period of time has lost its significance in the past hundred to hundred and fifty years. Nevertheless, with the recent art trend of mixing of typography and tapes, the early printing format is seen widely accepted now.

Tapeography involves the mixing of old tapes used for the designs of writing or designing various alphabets and texts as done in the older days. Since, it is done with the help of cassette tapes the designer named it as tapeography. It is the oldest form of printing used for drafting various letters. Not only texts or alphabets, but one can even view various designs like the skull designs by Ersinhan Ercin, the Turkish designer with the help of the tapeography concepts.

Certain points and certain tips are to be kept in mind in order to showcase some of the best tapeography results. Huge amount of concentration and certain amount of tricks are used by various graphic designers who create spell binding art forms of tapeography. Leading, the most common term used in typography should be ascertained accordingly keeping in mind the weight, size and measure of the text used. This is for the effective legibility of the text printed. Measure refers to the width of the text to be printed. The width is to be decided accordingly and with the right format. The next tip is to take care of the text alignment while dealing with typography. The text alignment deals with the space and the placing of the text for effective reading.

These concepts, aspects and characteristics of tapeography make it one of the most attractive modern art forms. It is inspiring numerous artists and winning fans all over.

Avoiding tilt when playing poker

Almost every player that has been playing poker for quite some time would have experienced going on tilt. A player would go on a tilt when he is usually playing in a very different way than normal. This would normally be because of emotions or because of what might have happened just then during the game. Rather than sticking to the normal game strategy, the player may go on tilt and would start doing things that would normally not be done by him. He would start making very aggressive bets, stay in the betting for very long when he should get out and would lose his self control and discipline.

How does tilt happen?

The main reason why any player would go on tilt is because he/she suffers from a bad loss when expecting to win the pot. Tilt is also known as a bad beat. This can cause a massive emotional surge in the player which cannot be easily controlled by most people. Emotions tend to be much more powerful than logic and reasoning since they always tend to win the thought processes. In the mind, the player would see all the patient strategies that have been used to built the chip stack and all of it being blown away in just an instant.

The response of the player would be to try to recover the defeat as quickly as possible. The brain would try to win all the money lost in a short amount of time. This would only result in more losses since the player would be calling and playing bets which he would normally fold in most cases.

How to avoid tilt?

Tilt can be avoided by the player. It would require a lot of discipline and the player would have to stick to his strategies at most times. Quite a lot of players, even the professionals believe that tilt can be avoided by just taking a break for some time and collecting the thoughts. However, this would not make much of the difference. The only thing that you would have to do is to just get yourself out of the poker room for some time. If you are playing at casino, just walk away from the table. Go for a walk or get yourself a cup of coffee.

If you are playing online, hit the sit out tab and take a break from the computer. You would need to do this on an immediate basis. Do not give into the temptation to just play one more hand to see if your luck would change. Take a break for as long as it would be required. You would just have to get back in the right mind frame and use your strategy like always when you get back to the table. Try to get the emotion out of your mind and think about the situation logically. If you do this, you would be doing yourself a favor by avoiding the losses and would find it easier to avoid tilt.

Kinds of poker tournaments

A poker tournament is a competition with a definite structure where players compete against one another to amass the largest number, if not all, the chips. In poker tournaments, players are not allowed to quit when they want to and exchange their chips for cash. Instead, it will continue until one last player has all the chips.

Here are the some of the more popular kinds of poker tournaments:

Turbo tournaments: This is a very fast-paced tournament with blinds growing at an alarming rate, about once every five minutes. Luck plays a large role in the winnings here. You must show a lot of aggression in turbo tournament, because if you do not, the blinds will use up your chip stack. So, it’s best to steal as many blinds as possible and hope luck is on your side.

Satellite PokerStars tournaments: These are preliminary tournaments, played before players move on to a game with higher stakes than the entry level stakes.

Steps tournaments: These tournaments involve five steps. Those who win the initial steps move on to the advanced rounds while losers move back a step or more or pay an entry fee once again. When players reach the final or fifth step, they are given prizes.

If you’re playing online, choose your poker room with care because poker rooms often extract a high entry fee to make up for hefty prizes. When scouting for a good steps tournament site, choose one that rewards players by moving them to the next level.

Elimination poker tournaments: This is the commonest type of poker tournament. Here, all the players have an equal number of chips. Play continues until one player has all the chips. As players are eliminated, those still in the game change seats to fewer tables. The winner might hold all the chips, yet he has to abide by the reward structure of the game. As he finishes higher, he will be liable to get a larger reward.

Shootouts: These poker tournaments are similar to Steps tournaments in most ways except that the former are completed in a single event unlike Steps, where players move on from level to level and can play the next level some time later. Here, the structure of the tournament decides the game’s strategy.

If only one player moves on to the next round, he must be very aggressive in his playing style and take risks. If with you, many other players also move to the next level, play aggressively. Keep a respectable amount of chips so that your opponents will be discouraged from attacking you.

Rebuy poker tournaments: This poker tournament at Party Poker is structured to be played for a set time. Here, players can “rebuy” more chips once they lose all their existing chips and continue to participate in the tournament. Usually, players of these tournaments play a more aggressive game early on in the game because they are not daunted with the possibility of being eliminated from the tourney if they lose all their chips.

Optimizing your play in heads up poker

Playing heads up poker is a very delicate art that can be perfected with experience. The essential strategy when it comes to playing heads up poker is to play various short handed games. What this means is that you should play more hands and should bet aggressively when you make a good hand. However, there can be no actual advantage by getting experience short handed before you actually test the game. Heads up poker is unlike any other poker games and it actually qualifies to be a unique poker form.

Observing the action

You can actually get several benefits by investing some of your time observing the game before you join the action. Get a feel for the style of play and be ready for the winning streaks. Take notice of the hands that the players play during the game and see how the betting pattern flows through the game. Since there are only a few people competing for each pot, there will be strings of three or four wins and sometimes even more.

Knowing how the betting works is one of the most important things in heads up poker and the form and the pace of the game is also quite important. Observe how the players re-raise and check-raise when they have good hands. Check as many tables as you can on playsolidpoker.com. The playing style will vary from person to person which would allow you get an idea about the different styles and how each one would allow you to reap benefits.

Plunging into the game

In heads up poker action, you may or may not be able to pick the opponent that you would be playing against. Once you start playing, check the speed with which the opponent is playing. There can be certain styles which will work well against some players and not with the others. Play against opponents who would be able to give you an edge over the game and avoid the others. It might take a few minutes to get a feel of the player that you are up against. If you are comfortable and confident against a player, then its best to stick to him but move one if the opponent is very overpowering.

Keep a check on your chip count as the game progresses. If you lose a lot of chips you might be up against a stronger player. If so, you can always leave the game to minimize the losses. Take a break and cool down for some time and then find another opponent. In heads up poker, there will be no mental breaks since you would have to make decisions every couple of minutes which can be exciting but also very tiring. If you think that you are unable to give your full attention to the game, it is best to stop playing for a while. There will always be a lot of chatter through the game in heads up and if you find it distracting, then you can always move to another table or if you are playing online, you can switch the chat feature off.

Learn How to Play Solid Poker

If you’ve arrived at this page looking for easy and effective methods to learn how to play solid poker, you sure are in luck! This article gives you simple and easy to follow instructions for resources on the net and how to use them for learning to play your favorite game online!

The popularity of poker games on the web have greatly increased in the past 10 years with virtual casinos providing global poker fans a great place to get entertained, make friends, pick up gaming tips, bonuses, avail promotional offers, win a buy in to tournament events and lots more benefits of playing poker online!

The reputed online casinos are open all day and thus poker gaming online is something poker fans can pursue in their leisure time while also make decent money playing online poker, which is why it is an experience that is profitable and fun! Also, since many online poker rooms allow users to play for free, beginners can pick up necessary experience and advanced gaming skills besides tips from pros and learn to use free poker tools available with the top sites before sitting down to making a real deal at the money games. Thus, free poker online is a great way to win money that gets deposited into the player’s virtual account, which can be cashed out whenever the player wants. Thus, they provide a great resource for new poker fans that want to improve their game and also apply strategies for building a bankroll.

With more than 200 established poker rooms online, there is no dearth of secure and varied poker games fans can choose from when considering a virtual gamble with lots of competitors from all over the globe. Some sites even have 50,000 players online at one time!

However, it is best to first conduct a short survey of the most popular poker sites among the top ones, compare features from and user benefits from among current offers and then play a few free games with the top choices on your list. It is recommended you only sign up with the ones you are most confident about giving you a return on your initial investment after you’ve played using a free account and are satisfied with the website’s gaming titles, guides, software, security and customer service besides bonus offers.

Some poker games at PokerStars.net you can try out before signing up for a regular account with your preferred sites are Texas Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud, Omaha/8 and Omaha High.

Read up the basic rules of any of these games before dealing at a table the first time so you are aware of popular tricks and strategies for using a combination of technique with an element of luck to build your gaming skills. It is advisable to sign up to play for real money only after you’ve gained a little experience in your chosen version of poker games and after you’ve won a few as well.

Predetermine your stakes, learn about hand rankings, be careful and alert about opponents, learn to read poker tells and download new poker software, like odds calculator etc. and continue practicing as many poker games as you can to master online poker!

The Game Selection Dilemma

The savviest poker players out there will readily admit that game selection is one of the most important (maybe even the most important) components of being a successful poker hustler. To be more specific, it’s not important that you’re one of the best poker players out there; in order to be profitable in this particular sport, it only matters how much better you are compared to the people you’re playing against. The measure of your success depends on how far ahead you are against your competition; otherwise, your skill would be for naught.

Picking the Proper Competition

To better illustrate the importance of game selection, let’s take a look back into the nineteen eighties. Back then, there was once a professional poker player in Las Vegas who was known as the ninth best poker player in the world. However, for one reason or another, he somehow always ended up going against the eighth best and above. Were he not regularly pitted against those eight superior players he would’ve won a lot of cash care of his skills. The point is clear; the fact that he’s always up against the precious few players who were better than him is the reason why his poker profits are limited. The only ones enjoying these games would have to be the third to the first greatest poker players in the world, obviously.

Thankfully, competition isn’t a major problem most of us poker players face. Thanks to the Internet, even though there are thousands or even tends of thousands of players out there who are superior to us in terms of poker skills, there are at least hundreds of thousands of soft competition and casual players out there who are ripe for the taking. Ergo, being successful and profitable in online poker is merely a question of getting into and staying at a group of players that are a couple of leagues worse than us.

Choosing the Appropriate Stakes

It’s also crucial for you as a full tilt poker player to choose stakes that are appropriate to your skill level as well as bankroll. If you’re a billionaire wherein money is no object and no poker shark alive can present a financial concern for you, then you’re free to waste your money on the largest games. However, if winning wagers is what’s important to you, then you should avoid the very largest games regardless of your financial stability. It’s also probably a bad idea to intimidate your opponents by the number of zeros in your bets. If you’re playing out of your league, it doesn’t matter how big a bankroll you have; you will be robbed blind by the time that those poker hustlers are through with you.

If you’re not a billionaire yet you’ve mastered game selection such that you’ve learned to spot +EV prospects and -EV circumstances with remarkable precision, then you’re faced with an altogether different problem. Should you abandon your game the moment you detect a -EV situation? In the online world, this is a very important situation to consider, because you’re free to join and leave games at will. The solution to this dilemma is that there are times when you have to consider the long-term consequences of your actions even in terms of game selection. Don’t be so concentrated on short-term EV that you lose sight of the bigger picture; don’t just abandon a game just because you detect a -EV situation.


Ersinhan Ercin, a famous Turkish designer known for his profoundly created designs, has gained a wide popularity and fame in the recent times. Known for his smart and intelligent posters and designs, the Turkish designer often makes use of unwanted resources and materials in order to make an effective use of them and create outstanding designs. The Turkish designer in due course of time has showcased several fascinating designs and patterns. Every designs and the projects of this designer had some or the other eye alluring effect to it.

Be it the 3D projects or the latest tapeography designs innovated by the designer, he has always marked a standard with his enormous working style and fantastic work. The picture and the designs created by Ersinhan Ercin leave an ever lasting impact on the viewer. The 3D poster designs of Ersinhan Ercin are profound in nature and deliver some of the deepest meaning of the human life. Every work the designer accomplishes is of utmost quality and is new to the market. The designs offered by the designer in a 3D format were something new in the market and to the mankind as well. The designs are not only interesting but also create a wonderful illusion for the viewers enthralling and mesmerizing them. For example, the 3D poster design of a casio designed by the immensely talented Turkish designer, Ersinhan Ercin delivers a great amount of illusion of a casio being played by a player in the eyes of viewer.

Such art forms are something the designer deals with and is best in. The Turkish designer comes up with various new ideas and formats of designs in the market. This is how he makes a completely different mark for himself in the market. His latest work, famously known as the tapeography is well known for its designs created by the tapes of the old and the unwanted cassettes. The unique style and the pattern of design created by the designer made the concept popular and widely acknowledged amongst the art lovers. The concept was something new and hardly thought about by any. Ersinhan Ercin in his varied art forms relates the technology with art forms.

Tapeography involves creation of various alphabets and texts from the tapes of old eighties cassettes which are no more liked and listened by many. In order to use the old set of tapes, the artist found the innovation of designing texts with the help of the tapes. A large number of texts related to tapeography are already designed by the Turkish designer. The designs are highly appreciated. His innovative approach of structuring has generated interest among the common people as well who are not necessarily art specialists.

Apart from the tapeography and the 3D projects, Ersinhan Ercin is also widely acknowledged for his skull design and the inclusion of fedora in one of his designs. All his designs show case a new format and new structure of paintings and patterns. Ersinhan Ercin is here to stay and captivate us with his innovative art forms.